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Little Eagle Child Care Center

Client: Little Eagle Child Care Center
Location: Parry Sound, Ontario
Completion Date: 2015

The play space at Little Eagle Daycare has been designed to reflect local landmarks and incorporate the theme of the child care centre’s namesake. From site plan view two distinct areas are visible; the left side is the home of the eagles known as Parry Island; the right side is the mainland area.  In the infant playscape, the sandbox represents the eagles nest situated among the trees. The swirling path represents the flight of the eagle passing over the river and then hunting above the mainland. A wooden bridge replicating the Wasauksing Swing Bridge links the two sides. were planted within the playground with a nod to their use by eagles in nest building.

A small log jam® and several berms were added to the junior area to cater to both the active and passive child. Climbing tirelessly and tromping around on imaginary adventures are both adequately encouraged through the layout of the space. The playscape in its entirety provides naturalistic play opportunities for the children at Little Eagle Daycare.